Software bundle Radeon Settings. Now in the update I read So far not impressed but I do think it could end up a great feature if given enough time to evolve. One that I used to see, the Catalyst Control Center Changing graphics card settings to use your dedicated GPU on a ... (usually NVIDIA or ATI/AMD Radeon). AMD's new Radeon Crimson ReLive ... AMD Radeon Crimson ReLive - game capturing, speed boosting and feature ... ReLive lives inside of the Radeon Settings Changes in AMD Radeon v17.50.17.03 Do updates of AMD Radeon settings need to be done? It definitely depends on the game. I wonder if it necessary to have cnext.exe (Radeon Settings: Host Application) in the Windows autostart? AMD Catalyst Control Center uses Qt as part of its toolchain. Hi I recently updated all my drivers on my secondary PC and I noticed both Radeon Settings and Catalyst Control Center running. If youre using an AMD graphics card you might face some problems after installing Windows 10. See What Version of This Driver Do I Have Installed? Radeon Settings replaced the old AMD Catalyst Control Center. Should I remove AMD Catalyst Install Manager by Advanced Micro Devices? I just upgraded to Radeon Settings from Catalyst 15.7.1. Do I need to update Radeon? Thanks Thrse I did the Windows 10 upgrade recently, and I am noticing that I have two AMD icons in my system tray. AMD Catalyst Control Center uses Qt as part of its toolchain. Do I Even Need AMD's Drivers? AMD has completely overhauled its graphics card drivers, ditching Catalyst Control Center and introducing Radeon Settings. AMD's new Radeon Software Crimson introduces the completely rebuilt Radeon Settings interface and boasts handy new features for Radeon AMDs new Radeon Crimson software crushes Catalyst, ... as well as the new UI and blazingly fast launch time of the Radeon Settings. Cannot Update AMD Radeon Settings (No Error Given) 1. AMD Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition released all the key features. Did it come as part of a Windows update? This document provides instructions on how to create game profiles using AMD Radeon Software. ... win 7 32bit dont detect my amd radeon graphic card even after installing graphic drivers for 32 bit; Can't find your answer ? Does removing AMD Game Evolved & Raptr effect Radeon driver settings? AMD's new Radeon Software is making Catalyst a thing of the past. Here's a list of all the graphics settings and what they mean. I've just discovered it on my computer. Radeon Settings replaced the old AMD Catalyst Control Center. ... Where has Radeon VIDEO SETTINGS actually gone? 'Good-bye' to AMD Catalyst Control Center, and 'Hello' to Radeon ... PC with an AMD Radeon GPU ... a huge speed improvement when they use Radeon Settings. Software bundle Radeon Settings. 1 . Original Title: Radeon Settings What are "Radeon Settings" and why have I got this? ... Do I need to do anything ? ... Control settings via your phone with AMD Link. Right click on the desktop and select AMD Radeon Settings. ... Do I Need AMD Chipset Drivers? I don't know what functionality it removes but it might screw up something I DO need. if you're not sure which AMD Radeon driver version you have installed. If you have a gaming PC and an AMD graphics card, you're aware of the Radeon Settings.