Press the "Mode" button on the TV's remote or button panel If your Blu-ray player has an HDMI input this might work, but all of the Blu-ray players I have seen only have HDMI output ports. After setting up your account and activating your Blu-ray player, browse to Instant under the Your Queue tab and add movies to the queue. Consumer Reports says there are several reasons for choosing a Blu-ray player instead of a Roku ... Chromecast, you might not realize that Blu ... Blu-ray player Most of these devices can handle YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Video ... Apple TV Chromecast Nexus Player. ... What Cables Do I Require to Connect New TV? Wireless connect TV to DVD. how do i connect a sony blu-ray player with only hdmi out put to a receiver with no hdmi input is there someway to do it through the HDTV box? Peter asked me for the best way to connect a PC to an HDTV, and, once connected, how best to use it So my question is, does Chromecast stream anything ... Samsung Smart Wi-Fi Blu Ray Player So for Christmas I'm either going to get my dad the wifi blu ray Stream Netflix using your Blu-ray player or Home Theater System. I am looking to see if there is any Blu Ray Player out there that offers seamless streaming like Chromecast/Roku. Is it possible to connect a Sony Blu Ray disc player to an all-in-one Windows 10 computer. Samsung Smart TV & Blu-ray Player Setup Guide. How to Rip Blu-ray & DVDs for Streaming Via Chromecast. how to connect to my pc for streaming shared video. All kinds of gadgets can get onto these Internet video services: Blu-ray players, yes, but also set-top boxes, USB sticks (like Roku and Google Chromecast), and TV sets. CONNECTING YOUR BLURAY PLAYER TO YOUR TV. I just got a Chromecast. The first thing we would like to help you do is get your LG Blu-ray Player connected to =- 1. Connect one end of the component video (red, blue, and green) and audio (red and white) cables to the component and audio OUT on your Blu-ray Player. I want to connect to the Internet via my wireless router. However, my router Stan is available on selected 2013-2017 Samsung Smart TV and Blu-ray players. You will need this adapter to convert the digital output of your Blu-ray player to a component input for your TV. Help Center Using Netflix on your Vizio TV or Blu-ray player; Using Netflix on your Vizio TV or Blu-ray player. How do I stream DVDs from a computer to a ... Chromecast Blu-ray ... How to Play Blu-ray Disc Movies on Sony Bravia TV without Blu-ray Player. So if I connect my old tv to a smart DVD/blu-ray player (assuming that's possible), and connect Chromecast to the player, it would work? When the conversion ends, you will be able to get the result video via tapping the Chromecast is an easy way to stream internet video to your TV from almost any source. If you have a TV with Chromecast built-in. I have HDMI input and output on it. David ... and they put most Blu-ray players to shame. Cool trick with screen mirroring option with Sony Blu-Ray disk player and Chromecast. To How do I connect my Sony Blu-ray Disc player to my Linksys router wirelessly? Change your TV to the video mode that the Blu-Ray player is connected to. Sorry that I can't show the trick to you. ... Sony UBP-X1000ES Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Review. Assembling a home theater system using ... the rest of your home theater system. Click the convert button under the preview window, and the Blu-ray ripper will start the conversion from Blu-ray to MP4/MKV for Chromecast immediately. Connect to Netflix using your favorite devices. I can't get the audio to play through the Samsung blu ray player ... Help getting Chromecast to play through blu ray. Solved: I have just purchased a Sony BDP-S390 Blu-ray Disc Player. i have a samsung blu-ray. Why Cant My Blu-ray Player Play More Streaming Services?